Brad Koplinski
Brad has worked in politics for over 25 years on campaigns at the Federal, State and Local level. Brad has managed State-wide, Congressional and State Legislative races. He has also played significant roles in some of the most important campaigns in recent Pennsylvania history including those of Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter, Barack Obama and Kevin Dougherty. Brad has been named one of the top ten Most Effective Campaign Staffers in Pennsylvania by the Morning Call's Capital Ideas blog and one of Pennsylvania's top ten political operatives by Brad has also been a Policy Advisor to Auditor General Jack Wagner and has served on Harrisburg City Council. Finally, Brad is the author of Hats In The Ring: Conversations with Presidential Candidates.


Penn Blue Strategies

With decades of experience, Penn Blue Strategies has the campaign solutions you need to get your message across and win your race. We focus on effectuating messages and creating winning campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels. Our knowledge and expertise comes from working on and creating some of the largest campaigns ever waged in Pennsylvania.

We not only want to help you win, but we also want to work towards building the Democratic party for years to come. When you win, we all win.


Strategic Communications
Your messaging is vital — with your constituents and with the media. Trust Penn Blue to help you craft the language you need to get your views across in the most effective way. We have years of experience in media relations, messaging, and can help you find your voice.
Field Management
Direct voter contact is the key to victory. We have more experience on the ground than nearly anyone else. Penn Blue will make sure that you hit your targeted voters through a combination of doors and phones by tailoring a field plan to fit your needs. We can also recruit and hire proven field operatives to be on the ground with you to contact the voters you need to win.
Still need a poll, but running on a tight budget? No problem. A big part of honing your message is knowing what voters think about you as a candidate. Our interactive polling services and subsequent analysis will drill down past the normal yes/no questions, so you can understand why your voters feel the way they do. You don't have to spend a fortune to develop your campaign's messaging.
Direct Mail
We know what messages work and which ones don't. Penn Blue will work with you to develop mail that voters will want to read. We have worked with mail for years and can micro target your message to effectively reach the right set of voters for each piece you send.
Campaign filing papers are more difficult to understand than ever. Penn Blue has significant experience in compliance and working with finance reports. Let us walk you through the bureaucracy and give you confidence that your election papers and finance reports will be properly filed.
Election Law
We will provide all the offense and defense you need to get on the ballot, stay on the ballot, and make sure that your opponent(s) have earned their spot too. We have handled statewide petition drives and know what it takes to make sure your petitions can't be challenged. Penn Blue can handle all of your other election law needs too.
Need to know what your opponent has been up to? Penn Blue will give you a comprehensive report on their business dealings, civil and criminal suits, legislative votes, embarrassing comments, statements of belief, tax liens, liabilities, and much more. And we'll prepare you for the worst, by doing research on you as well.
Let Penn Blue bring our expertise to your group. We have a variety of trainings that we can present to your organization on how to get on the ballot, run effective campaigns, raise money, plan strategic communications and more.
Websites and Social Media
A great website is vital to a winning campaign. We can make a cutting edge website for you at a reasonable price and optimize it so you'll have the best visibility for your efforts. Modern campaigns require a strong and constant social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Penn Blue will help you stand out and keep you connected.


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